I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults. I have expertise in the assessment and treatment of a wide variety of issues including attention and behaviour problems, learning problems, social-emotional problems, and giftedness. My experience within Alberta Health Services has provided me with the skills to work with individuals with complex presentations.

In terms of assessment, I follow best practice guidelines for the diagnosis of developmental, behavioural, and learning problems. I gather information from parents and teachers as well as conducting direct assessments with children, adolescents, and/or young adults. Following an assessment, I can also be available to consult with your child's school to discuss strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations if requested. If you have been referred by a family doctor or Pediatrician, I will also consult with them regarding the outcome of the assessment.

My treatment orientation is largely cognitive-behavioural as well as being guided by a family-centered, attachment-based perspective. Rather than taking the approach that one style will fit every young person, family, and presenting problem, I draw upon my vast experience with complex presentations to determine what type of therapeutic techniques will be most helpful to your child and your family. I draw largely from empirically-supported therapeutic interventions. It is also very important to me that you and your child participate in goal-setting and the development of a treatment plan to ensure that your family's comfort level and investment in the process is optimized.

I believe that my strengths are in my warm, natural style and sense of humour, which puts children, adolescents, and parents at ease during the assessment process or within the therapeutic environment. I also place great value in the child/adolescent's family as a mechanism of change.

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